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Category: TV & Film

Underground Inc. is a podcast that’s just like watching a movie with your friends! Fire up the movie & let Billy & Ben discuss fun facts & stuff!

Ep 108 - Tusk

March 27, 2018

By Igor Wainscott

Welcome to another transformative episode of Underground Inc.!!! We got your #KevinSmithLove (hash-tagged it, Igor's hip) as the boys talk right over the film "Tusk". Justin Long, The Yoga Hosers (check out the film of the same name...it'll be good for you), Michael Parks' creepy crazy shenanigans, and the only movie in history to feature two grown men battling in walrus suits!!!
Throw in Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez for that love triangle and boom! You hanging out with your favorite movies, a la Underground Inc.!!!
Fleetwood...Fleetwood Mac....(Igor's hip to music, too).
Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out.

This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other movies.