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Category: TV & Film

Underground Inc. is a podcast that’s just like watching a movie with your friends! Fire up the movie & let Billy & Ben discuss fun facts & stuff!

Ep 16 - Constantine

September 8, 2015
We continue Alan Moore month with one of his longest lasting creations... Constantine.

Give me death, give me demons, give me the devil himself!

These are words that we never hear him say, but his action speak them out louder than any human would ever want to.This is Constantine.

He is a master of the dark arts and knows exactly how to kick the ass of demons.

If you enjoy movies that bring the supernatural to a whole new level, you will enjoy Underground's episode on Constantine, a fantastic movie staring Keanu Reeves as John Constantine. Enjoy and don't be afraid, the demons are already there.

This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other movies as well as more interruptions from family.