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Category: TV & Film

Underground Inc. is a podcast that’s just like watching a movie with your friends! Fire up the movie & let Billy & Ben discuss fun facts & stuff!

Ep 65 - Return of the Swamp Thing

February 23, 2017

Two Swamp Thing episodes in a row! First we sat down with John E. Boylan (Guinness World Record holder for most Swampy memorabilia) and got to know him a little better... Now we hangout with him & watch Return of Swamp Thing!

He's got some insider stories to this film that we bet almost no one knows about, directly from members of the cast and crew. He gives a fun perspective on this film, knowing so much about the character, letting us know what works and what doesn't.

Overall, comic films of this time weren't great but some of them sure were fun.

This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other movies.