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Category: TV & Film

Underground Inc. is a podcast that’s just like watching a movie with your friends! Fire up the movie & let Billy & Ben discuss fun facts & stuff!

Ep 96 - T.V. Talk

November 30, 2017

Sexy as a three-piece suit, Underground Inc is back with a new episode!

Being a movie podcast, the television stuff generally gets relegated to off-hand comments, remarks of power, or the random inside joke. Not so with the (copyrighted) Three-Piece Technology, brought to you by the boys!
Episode goodies: Arrow-Verse Talk a la Ben, Gifted-Yakkin' with Billy, and how much Anthony likes the Netflix Punisher. 
Bonus (for free, even!): "The Top Ten X-Men Films" a la Billy, Anthony "Finally Sees Thor: Ragnarok", and Ben "Finds Stranger Things"!
Show notes by Anthony Benegas

​Underground Inc, where your favorite movies come to hang out.

This episode contains spoilers to this film and possible other movies.